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Queerly Nostalgic & Sustainable Practices

Every print and graphic you see on this website is carefully imagined and compiled by Christina, the owner and designer of Queerly Nostalgic. An artist and graphic design enthusiast, known for her use of statement pieces and modern retro-driven design. She aims to empower others to speak up and spread awareness through their wardrobe and décor choices. 
Behind every design is an empowered message promoting self-expression and resilience. We believe clothing has a substantial impact on how you feel and what you want to share with the world. Make your mark alongside us.

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion



We partner with companies that feel as strongly about fair trade as we do. Our tees are created by Bella & Canvas, a company aligned with fair trade practices and a mission to provide a higher volume of jobs for American workers.

We partner with printing distributors committed to reducing the amount of unsold clothing clogging our landfills and straining our delicate environment. Each garment is made only after purchase, eliminating the dreaded discarded inventory. We believe that a company that stands for empowerment should encompass best practices in production.  

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