Purpose vs. Passion

Purpose vs. Passion

MinDesanti Shop Owners

We started in 2018, shopping for minimalist and desaturated room décor for our home and nursery. We were left disappointed, realizing our ideal aesthetic was lacking in the current market. Setting out to create our own products, we were determined to share these irresistible pieces with others. We settled into our newly found purpose.


LGBTQIA+ Products for a progressed future

Many projects later, we are instilled with a new passion - advocacy for all things queer and empowered. Resisting to backwards ideologies has been at the forefront for our community and we are enjoying the many ways we can bring awareness to all. Focusing on androgyny and attitude, we’ve developed a playful, retro style to our already minimal aesthetic. We’ve maintained our design values while aligning with matters that are essential to us.


We asked the question - What is the difference between purpose and passion?

Purpose is our reason for waking up in the morning.

Passion is what inspires us the night before.

You make it all worthwhile.


Thank you for being a part of our journey 


Christina & Monica

Queerly Nostalgic

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